Plotting and Engraving Systems

Our plotter systems VP 500 and VP 100 mark precisely, identify and label all available elements used in panels and plants with a durable marking in a speedy manner.
The switch to be an engraving system could be done with a very few hand grips.
The engraving option allows engravings in multiple layer plastics as well as aluminum and brass plates and other materials.

EK Vario Plotter VP 600 full size (A3)

Our plotter VP 600 full size (A3) is designed for a high and most flexible production throughput. Based on the size, the plotter will be most likely used for stationary applications. Up to 4 different elements can be labeled per plot job.

EK Vario Plotter VP 600 Basic

The plotter VP 600 Basic is designed as low cost plotting device for semi professional users with less work load. The VP 600 Basic has a reduced functionality with no pen depot, priming plates and element recognition. A solid aluminium case with trolley function is available as an option, for carrying the plotter and its accessories on site.

EK Vario Engraver Option VP/E 600

Our plotter can be changed with a few steps into an engraving system. The engraving option VP/E 600 is suitable for all of the plotter systems. Also, we especially designed the optional aluminium carrying case for housing the engraver and its accessories.

EK VarioSign

Our easy to use software, VarioSign, for plotting and engraving together with the extensive embedded database provides a comfortable solution for creating the labeling and engraving data. Particular functions for the industry provide a high output performance for the user.