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Our Portfolio:

Engraving Systems and Software

Our engraving systems engrave pin sharp in multi layer plastic surfaces easy and durable as well as in aluminum, brass, stainless and miscellaneous materials. Using our engraving software VarioGrav creates the engraving data easily

Engraving material

Engraving materials in various colors and sizes are available for in and outdoor applications.

Plotting and Engraving Systems

Stationary and mobile combined plotting and engraving systems for labeling all common elements, used in panels and plants. Additionally, the engraving systems offer a wider range of applications in various market areas.

Custom Solutions

We design and develop individual products based on customer requests, we offer from the first idea to the turn key solution, all out of one hand.


Production of parts, based on moulding, routing, lathe work, prototypes and system components.

New engraving systems series VE 600 are available!

EK-TEAM introduces the new engraving systems series VE 600. Find out more how to engrave pin sharp and fast with the new VE 600.

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